United States Governmental Shut Down

ObamaCare's Legal Ramifications   

A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down!!  

October 5, 2013

I, Angel McClary Raich, I am not a Republican but I did try to stop ObamaCare & ObamaCare's Legal Ramifications - We Citizens Now Face with the Governmental Shutdown!  A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down!!  

My name is Angel McClary Raich, my United States Supreme Court Case – No. 03-1454; Gonzales, et al. v. Raich, et al. 2004-05 (Raich Case) remains steadfast at the heart of the legal debates of ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) throughout the United States Congress, The House, and the 2012 ObamaCare Florida v. HHS US Supreme Court Case; No. 11–393. {Argued March 26, 27, 28, 2012—Decided June 28, 2012} Look closely into the politics & legal arguments!!

The Raich Case continues to have heavy-handed legal ramifications in & outside of ObamaCare.  In 2009, I predicted, and I warned the US Legal Experts & Congress if we failed to stop ObamaCare in the US Supreme Court in 2012, it would collapse the United States on all levels like never before in US History.

Sitting here on Saturday morning, October 5, 2013, the first weekend of the United States Federal Government Shut Down by a member of the Republican Party, Congressman John Boehner surrounding the language of ObamaCare.  My predictions & verbal warnings regarding the whole federal government falling apart, the financial, United States Federal collapse have begun to come true, soon to come is the civilian revolution! I have been trying to prevent what's to come since 2009 but people became fearful & didn't want to believe me, yet here we are with my predictions true in reality! 

The Federal Government has gained full control over everything Commerce in the United States.  In 2005, I lost in the Gonzales v. Raich in the US Supreme Court, which gave the Federal Government full controls over the Commerce Clause; regardless if money changes hands or not; regardless if it crosses state lines; worst of all the Federal Government has begun utilizing it’s Commerce Clause Powers; stock markets, housing, forfeitures, student loans, banking, shopping, schools, basically anything money touches... Today, if you look around there's already large substantial affects happening in across the country! Deeper Break Down; it gave the Federal Government the power to control even the tomatoes you grow in your yard – cattle, chickens, rabbits, and ducks on your property - the fish you caught in local waters, if it substantially affects commerce.

Combine the power of Gonzales v. Raich's Commerce Controls with the manipulations of ObamaCare's ability to "Mandate" & "Tax" gave the Federal Government more power beyond your wildest imagination--- all they have to do is activate and implement it all! Deeper Break Down; The Federal Government can now mandate you to do anything, including mandates for what products you can buy & who to buy it from, & the Federal Government can & will tax you if you don't, while they stop you from growing you're own foods on your own property!! It's very bad!!! "Wake up! Rise Up! The Federal Government is hiding all this and more from The People!!" 

The Federal Government control way more than YOU realize - We really do need to stop this now - The Federal Government holds all it's secrets tight to their vests until it leaks out through whistle blowing including the recent NSA Spying on the US Citizens… Congress & President Obama are really arguing over who’s going to get the ultimate stronghold over their shared secrets & hidden agenda, powers, and governmental powers over civilian controls!!  The selected few in Congress, White House, and Federal Enforcement Agencies want the power for their side against the Civilians in the United States of America!!  As Military Law begins to aid the path of class segregation, fall into overwhelming poverty as to many people begin to starve!! All perfectly inline with how the "Head-Masters" of the New World Order want the Opening Process to prepare the USA for the major shift! I assure you; It is True.

The Federal Government has to collapse in order for the New World Order "Head-Masters" to take full control... Don't Let Them Take This Next Step Towards Implementation of Control!! Watch the money & stock markets next, its all Commerce all coming unstable to collapse at their will to move forward!

Citizens become heavily outrage, Occupy figures this all out -- All Heck will break out and Military Law sets in across the US!! Occupy missed this whole component last time the US had the financial fall in 2011-12, which was only the test run... That's why the Federal Government didn't step in to fix things... The Federal Government where watching to see how The People would react so they would be best prepared for the real round with more citizens outraged as the civilian revolution begins! 

We successfully stopped the ObamaCare's Tax Penalties and Prison Sentence, which would have sent people to prison for not paying the taxes or those people who refuse to purchase the mandated. The Federal Government’s beginnings of class segregation by preventing the ObamaCare "Prison Sentence" for people who fail to buy ObamaCare or failure to pay the taxes owed after the US Supreme Court Ruled in ObamaCare in 2012. We tried our best to stop the mandate and all what is to come, US Supreme Court in ObamaCare... I agree people need healthcare, however, the legal language in ObamaCare must be stopped now!! Now if you fail to pay or refuse to enroll the Federal Government will reach right in your bank account for a withdrawal... Read the fine print.... It's the thief in the night syndrome...  Never mind if you can't pay, go rob Peter, to pay Paul, or your account stays in a negative balance... 

The shutdown needs to end! With No harm to children & their families! We Must Wake Up, Speak Up, Rise Up, Be Prepared, for A Civilian Revolution will need to happen to stop the Federal Government if this shutdown continues much longer! Please wake up & be prepared... This time is different than any other governmental shutdown... 

Yes, life is for us to live!! Citizens need to band together, community living, protect one another, and sharing, working together, love & help each other!!! 

Written By:

Angel McClary Raich, 

October 5, 2013


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Angel McClary Raich after the United States Supreme Court Hears her case No. 03-1454: Gonzales v. Raich 2004-05.  Angel just spoke to a large crowd of media reporters and she’s now on her way to another press conference put on by Angel Wings Patient OutReach, Inc.  November 24, 2004

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October 5, 2013


October 5, 2013,

I, Angel McClary Raich, I am not a Republican but I did try to stop ObamaCare & ObamaCare's Legal Ramifications - We Citizens Now Face with the Governmental Shutdown!  A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down!!   <Read More>


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