The Plaintiffs’ for the Raich Case Legal Team

US Supreme Court Case

No. 03-1454: Raich v. Gonzales 2004-05

Who is Angel McClary Raich?

Angel McClary Raich, 44, of Oakland is the lead plaintiff in the Raich case, and is the mother of two teenage children. Her physician diagnosed her as having a medical necessity to use medical cannabis, after numerous other treatments failed. Ms. Raich suffers from an inoperable brain tumor, a seizure disorder, wasting syndrome, and other documented medical conditions. Raich and her physician credit medical cannabis for making it possible for Angel to get out of her wheelchair and regain her mobility.  Declaration of Angel McClary Raich October 25, 2002.

Who are John Doe Number One and John Doe Number Two?

John Doe Number One and John Doe Number Two are the pseudonyms for Angel’s caregivers. They cultivate all of Angel’s medical cannabis plants for her.  John Doe Number One and John Doe Number Two are the pseudonyms for Angel’s caregivers.  They cultivate all of Angel’s medical cannabis plants for her.  Their real names are not listed in order to protect them from harassment and prosecution.  The two John Doe's grow over eight pounds of cannabis per year for Angel free of charge.  If you would like to know more about John Doe Number One and Two, you can read about them in Declaration of Angel McClary Raich and in other pleadings throughout this case. 

Who is Diane Monson?

Diane Monson, of Oroville, California, plaintiff in this case.  Monson suffers from chronic back pain and spasms.  In August of 2002, Monson was raided by the DEA and had her medical cannabis plants seized and destroyed, even though the local district attorney agreed that she was acting in accordance with California law.  When Diane left the Raich case she went underground asking for people to respect her privacy.  Declaration of Diane Monson, October 30, 2002


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Angel McClary Raich after the United States Supreme Court Hears her case No. 03-1454: Gonzales v. Raich 2004-05.  Angel just spoke to a large crowd of media reporters and she’s now on her way to another press conference put on by Angel Wings Patient OutReach, Inc.  November 24, 2004

The Raich v. Gonzales Case 2007 Update

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October 5, 2013


October 5, 2013,

I, Angel McClary Raich, did try to stop ObamaCare & ObamaCare's Legal Ramifications - We Citizens Now Face with the Governmental Shutdown!  A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down!!   <Read More>