Letter to Ashcroft & the DEA from Angel's daughter Erica.

Dear U.S. Federal Government, John Ashcroft, and the DEA,

My mom is really sick and disabled. This leads me to think very sad thoughts, because I see my mom struggle with her health every day. Those sad thoughts were that she might be dying but she did not want to tell me – and my brother. The thought of my mom dying scares me you know, going to bed at night and waking up thinking, "This is going to be the tragic day that my mom goes to heaven."

Now, miracles happen ,whether you like it or not. That’s what I see, I see a miracle with medical cannabis.

My mom has other fish to fry then fight for her life, so if you think for one second that my mom just sits at home and smokes pot you, are dead wrong. Plus, it is not all about smoking cannabis. She also eats it, drinks it, vaporizes it, and makes massage oils out of it. My mom does not use cannabis because she wants to, she uses it because it is a necessity and without it she will die.

Now, I am not saying that by letting the patients do this legally you will be letting the whole world do drugs, because you would not be. You would just save lives. You would become a bigger person by accepting medical cannabis. There is a difference between medical cannabis and smoking pot!

You are too busy putting sick people in jail to pay attention to real criminals who are killing people and are raping kids. You are wasting jail space that should be used for the killers and the abusers.

I ask you, Please don’t take my mother away too. I need her. Admit it, we all need her, because she is an angel, weather she is standing beside you or across the world. She is trying the best she can to help herself and others survive. So give her a chance. Give all medical cannabis patients a chance, and let then live. Let patients live their lives because we all only get to live once.

Thank you,

Written by:

Angel McClary Raich’s daughter Erica
April 2003 at the Age of 14 years old.

Angel's daughter was 16 years old when her mom goes to the Supreme Court in Ashcroft v. Raich.

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Angel McClary Raich after the United States Supreme Court Hears her case No. 03-1454: Gonzales v. Raich 2004-05.  Angel just spoke to a large crowd of media reporters and she’s now on her way to another press conference put on by Angel Wings Patient OutReach, Inc.  November 24, 2004

The Raich v. Gonzales Case 2007 Update

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October 5, 2013


October 5, 2013,

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