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Angel McClary Raich files US Supreme Court Amicus Brief in the Patient Protection & Affordable Act (PPACA) entitled

Department of Health & Human Services, et al., Petitioners v. Florida, et al., Respondents

Full PPACA US Supreme Court Oral Argument Schedule

March 26, 2012:  Anti Injunction Act (1 hour, 10am)

March 27, 2012:  Individual Mandate (2 hours, 10am)

March 28, 2012:  Severability (1.5 hours, 10am)

                                   Medicaid (1 hour, 1pm)

February 14, 2012, Angel McClary Raich, Docs4PatientCare, Benjamin Rush Society, Pacific Research Institute, and Galen Institute in filing an Amicus Curiae Brief in the United States Supreme Court in the Obama Care Case entitled Department of Health & Human Services, et al., Petitioners v. Florida, et al., Respondents.  Our amicus brief was filed in support of Florida, et. al.!

The American People need quality health care without a mandate!

We would like to stop that mandate, which would limit patient care! Patient's should not have to choose between purchasing food for their low-income families or purchasing their monthly health insurance, and other medical bills! 

If the Department of Health & Human Services wins this case everyone "will be" mandated to purchase health care and companies will be forced to do the same, said Angel Raich.  My biggest concern is that if the federal government and/or the governmental agencies can mandate the American people to purchase health care and tax them if they fail to do so; the federal government can then mandate the American people to purchase any product or any brand of product, including foods, furniture, houses, cars, virtually anything!  Including mandating us to use governmental chosen corporations and companies in all aspects of life, and tax us if we don't!  What will the federal government do if the American People refuse to pay the tax or just are unable to pay the tax?  Will they send them to jail?  

Angel McClary Raich’s United States Supreme Court Case No. 03-1454: Gonzales v. Raich 2004-05 is at the heart of the legal debate and is heavy used by all parties in Department of Health & Human Services, et al., Petitioners v. Florida, et al., Respondents! 

Download -- Docs4PatientCare, Angel McClary Raich, Benjamin Rush Society, Pacific Research Institute, & Galen Institute Amicus Curiae Brief in the United States Supreme Court

Angel Raich Docs4PatientCare SCT Amicus-Final.pdf

Download -- All the Department of Health & Human Services, et al., Petitioners v. Florida, et al., Respondents Briefs





Amicus Curiae Docs4PatientCare is a non-profit 501(c)(6) membership organization of concerned physicians committed to the establishment of a health care system that preserves the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, promotes quality of care, supports affordable access to all Americans, and protects patients’ freedom of choice. It has an interest in this case because the individual mandate contradicts these fundamental principles and sets a dangerous precedent regarding the inappropriate use of federal power to dictate the choices of Americans.

Amicus Curiae Angel McClary Raich was the lead respondent in one of this Court’s important recent Commerce Clause cases, Gonzales v. Raich, 545 U.S. 1 (2005).  She suffers from a terminal brain tumor and the related effects of radiation treatment. She thus brings to this case the perspective of both a patient in our healthcare system and a litigant with a personal understanding of the implications of an expansive construction of the Commerce Clause on individual freedom. Her interest in this case stems from both her belief that the individual mandate will worsen, rather than improve, the problems in our healthcare system, and from her concern that the government’s expansive views of the Commerce and Necessary and Proper Clauses will lead to the limitless federal power against which she warned in her own case before this Court.

Amicus Curiae Benjamin Rush Society is a membership organization that includes medical students, residents, fellows, and doctors across the political spectrum — as well as members of the general public — who believe that the profession of medicine calls its practitioners to serve their patients, rather than the government. The Society believes that the physician-patient relationship is a voluntary and mutually beneficial one. Both parties have a right to enter this relationship freely. The proper role of government is to protect this freedom, not to diminish it. The Society is part of the Pacific Research Institute. The Society is interested in this case because the individual mandate undermines such freedom by compelling some individuals to purchase health insurance not- withstanding their free choice to the contrary.

Amicus Curiae Pacific Research Institute is a non-profit non- partisan 501(c)(3) organization that champions freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility by advancing free-market policy solutions to the issues that impact the daily lives of all Americans. It demonstrates how free interaction among consumers, businesses, and voluntary associations is more effective than government action at providing the important results we all seek—good schools, quality health care, a clean environment, and economic growth. Founded in 1979 and based in San Francisco, PRI is supported by private contributions. Its activities include publications, public events, media commentary, invited legislative testimony, and community outreach.

Amicus Curiae Galen Institute is a non-profit, Section 501(c)(3) public policy research organization devoted to advancing ideas and policies that would create a vibrant, patient-centered health sector. It promotes public debate and education about proposals that support individual freedom, consumer choice, competition, and innovation in the health sector. It focuses on individual responsibility and control over health care and health insurance, lower costs through competition, and a reliable safety net for vulnerable populations. Galen’s policies promote continued medical innovation, advances in personalized medicine, and expanded access to health care and coverage in the 21st century Information Age economy.

None of the above amici is publicly traded or has any parent corporations, other than as noted, and no publicly traded corporation owns 10% or more or any of the above amici. 

Download a Copy of Our Amicus Brief

Docs4PatientCare, Benjamin Rush Society, Pacific Research Institute, Galen Institute, and Angel McClary Raich Amicus Curiae Brief in the United States Supreme Court


Since 2005 when Gonzales v. Raich was in the United States Supreme Court the Raich case has been at the heart of many legal issues from the 2011 Medical Cannabis Federal Crackdowns, Forfeitures, and Federal Court Cases to the Obama Health Care Legal Debate surrounding the Mandate.  

“If they federal government can mandate us to buy health insurance they can mandate us to buy any product, any time, and tax us if we don’t.  The American People need quality health care even for those of us whom are sick, disabled, and dying but don’t be fooled by the sugar pill of health care to hide the nasty tasting pill of the mandate!” said Angel Raich

Obama Care, Florida v. HHS, & Gonzales v. Raich

Obama Care constitutional challenges: Florida v. HHS. Florida v. HHS is the key case and In 2012 the Obama Care Florida v. HHSFlorida v. HHS will be heard in the United States Supreme Court around March of 2012. 

“I plan to do what I can to prevent the mandate of Obama Care and I look forward to joining an amicus brief in the Florida v. HHS in the United States Supreme Court.” said Angel Raich

Finally, Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Obamacare Challenges

McCollum: Supreme Court Will End Obamacare

The Gonzales v. Raich case is at the heart of the Obama Care Legal Debate Now Heading for United States Supreme Court <Read More...>

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US Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Obama Health Care Law

Constitutionality of the Health Care Law Called Into Question

Senate Judiciary Committee Hears Legal Debate Over Obama Health Care Mandate ~ Senate GOP pushes for repeal vote

Washington, DC
Wednesday, February 2, 2011


2011 The Obama Administration Launches a major attack against Medical Cannabis community using Gonzales v. Raich in a heavy handed Federal Crackdowns

“I am truly sorry for any harm my case has caused the medical cannabis community.  I love you all and would never want patients medications take away from them!  Shame on Obama for the lives he has taken by his actions!  I am sorry to say I voted for Obama and between his raids to the medical cannabis community and the Obama Care mandate I will not support his next election!” said Angel Raich

Learn more about the Obama Administrations 2011 Medical Cannabis Federal Crackdowns

Make a Donation today to help Angel Raich while she addresses, educates, lobby’s congress  regarding the issues Gonzales v. Raich is substantially affecting; Obama Care Mandate and tax, forfeiture issues, and other Commerce Clause in the United States.  The Gonzales v. Raich case is at the heart of the legal debate surrounding many commerce clause issue pledging the United States of America today! <Read More>

The Raich v. Gonzales Case 2007 Update

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Angel McClary Raich after the United States Supreme Court Hears her case No. 03-1454: Gonzales v. Raich 2004-05.  Angel just spoke to a large crowd of media reporters and she’s now on her way to another press conference put on by Angel Wings Patient OutReach, Inc.  November 24, 2004

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October 5, 2013


October 5, 2013,

I, Angel McClary Raich, I am not a Republican but I did try to stop ObamaCare & ObamaCare's Legal Ramifications - We Citizens Now Face with the Governmental Shutdown!  A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down!!   <Read More>