Angel McClary Raich has Radiation Necrosis of the Brain

What is Radiation Necrosis?

Radiation Necrosis, a focal structure lesion that usually a curse at the original tumor site, it a potential long term Central Nervous System (CNS) complication of radiosurgery or radiosurgery.  Edema and the presence of the tumor render the CNS parenchyma in the tumor bed more susceptible to radiation necrosis.  Radiation necrosis can occur when radiotherapy is used to treat primary CNS tumors, webcast the disease or head and neck malignancies.  It can occur secondary to any form of radiotherapy modality or regimen.

What's the prognosis of Radiation Necrosis? 

Prognosis is related to the natural history of underlying tumor and the idiosyncratic nature of radiation necrosis.  Some lesions may show no Internet the while others require multiple resections to relieve disability.  While long-term survival is uncommon, prolonged survival in the context of radiation necrosis has been described.  The next big real question is how does that relate to me?  Well, I am dying...  Signs of Dying with Suggested Cares.

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Learn More About the  Human Brain as it Relates To Angel

Trigeminal Nerve  {The Nerve Angel’s tumor is wrapped around.}

Trigeminal Schwannoma  {The type & name of Angel’s brain tumor}

Cranial Nerves  {The Trigeminal Nerve is a cranial nerve){Angel’s Tumor is putting pressure on all cranial nerves.}

Temporal Lobe  {Angel’s brain tumor has been putting pressure on the temporal lobe for a long time.  There is so much constant pressure from the tumor and radiation necrosis Angel has begun having major seizures.  The radiation necrosis of the brain continues to eat up brain cells what’s called,

“cell death”.}

Brain Stem  {The tumor put pressure on Angel’s brain stem for over 2 years causing a tremendous amount of damage to the brainstem.}

Cerebellum   {The tumor put pressure on Angel’s cerebellum for over 2 years causing a tremendous amount of damage to the cerebellum.}

Pons  {The tumor put pressure on Angel’s pons for over 2 years causing a tremendous amount of damage to the pons.}

Venous Sinus {The venous sinus is any one of many sinuses that collect blood from the dura mater and drain it into the internal jugular vein.  A cavity at the caudal end of the embryonic cardiac tube in which veins from the intra- and extraembryonic circulatory arcs unite.}  {Angel had a brain blood clot in the her venous sinus with extra complications.}

Brain Necrosis At a Glance

Current techniques for irradiating brain tumors are highly targeted to maximize the radiation dose delivered to cancer cells while minimizing the dose to healthy cells. However, radiation injury is still a possibility with any radiation therapy. Brain tissue that suffers such an injury can die off months or years after treatment—a late-occurring, potentially fatal side effect known as radiation necrosis.

Symptoms of radiation necrosis of the brain include:


Neurocognitive problems

Motor function problems


Aside from palliative surgery and palliative steroid therapy, no standard treatment exists.

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October 5, 2013,

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